Cryotherapy – Whats Wrong With Ice Packs?

Ice Pack KneeCryotherapy is a proven treatment for reducing pain, swelling and edema.  However applying an ice pack has a limited effect on the healing process.  The secret to a good cryotherapy session is controlled cold, full circumferential application and intermittent pressure.  Scroll down to find out what this means.  Ice packs only provide cold in one spot for a short time, which is ideal for taking the pain away from, say, a knee injury coming off the field.  However Continue reading “Cryotherapy – Whats Wrong With Ice Packs?”

How Cryotherapy Systems Reduce Pain and Swelling

Woman sprained her ankle while running on the marathon

What should you do when you suffer a musculoskeletal injury such as a sprained wrist or a strained back?  Most people are advised to rest, apply ice and compression, and temporarily, elevate the injury site if possible (not so easy with a back strain). This technique, known as RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation), is widely used in sports medicine today.

There are lots of methods for applying cold and compression to the injury. “Low-tech” cryotherapy treatments include Continue reading “How Cryotherapy Systems Reduce Pain and Swelling”

Expedite Your Knee Surgery Recovery with Cold Compression Therapy

Close-up of young female athletes knee with scar from major knee surgery. scar is several years old.Like any other surgery, knee surgery results in pain and inflammation that can cause discomfort for the patient. The more quickly the healing process happens, the faster you can reduce or eliminate these undesirable effects. Fortunately, it is possible to expedite knee surgery recovery with cold compression therapy.

The efficacy of cold compression therapy is well proven. In the case of knee surgery recovery, the combination of these two therapies has the following effects:  Continue reading “Expedite Your Knee Surgery Recovery with Cold Compression Therapy”