How To Get A Good Nights Sleep After Shoulder Surgery

Good nights sleep from shoulder surgery
Rotator cuff repairs, labral repairs, acromioplasties, and shoulder replacement surgeries are performed on many patients every day in New Zealand. A patients recovery can differ depending on the type of surgery and the condition of the patient prior to the procedure, but there’s one common complaint amongst all post-op patients regardless of surgery. Most patients are not equipped with dealing with the pain associated with sleeping. Getting a good nights sleep is near impossible for the first couple of weeks after shoulder surgery. The following are a few hints on how to achieve a good nights rest without the use of drugs Continue reading “How To Get A Good Nights Sleep After Shoulder Surgery”

Shoulder surgery recovery timeline

Shoulder surgery recovery timeline
Your shoulder is a complicated joint that can move in multiple directions. Because of this, it performs in almost all of your typical daily activities, including reaching for food on shelves, brushing your teeth, and getting dressed.

When shoulder surgery puts you out of the game for a while, a fast recovery is essential for getting back to normal as soon as possible. Knowing what to expect Continue reading “Shoulder surgery recovery timeline”

4 Ways To Accelerate Healing During Shoulder Surgery Recovery

4 Ways to accelerate shoulder surgery recovery
The shoulder joint is one of the most complicated components of the skeletal system, and with the ability to move in multiple directions, shoulders play an important role in everyday life. Whether you are swinging a cricket bat or reaching overhead to take something out of a cabinet, all of the muscles and connective tissues in your shoulders work together to make a smooth motion.

When you need surgery to repair a torn muscle or damaged tissue, the recovery period Continue reading “4 Ways To Accelerate Healing During Shoulder Surgery Recovery”