Melmak How To

Application into cast

Please refer to the clinicians cast application guides below.

Non-Cast application guide

Indications and Intended Use

The Melmak Device is indicated for the treatment of fresh bone-fractures and established non-unions excluding treatment of the skull and the vertebral column. The location and type of fracture will influence results.

This non-invasive treatment can only be prescribed by a Physician or other Health Professional.

Safety Instructions

The Melmak Device is intended for non-invasive use only, and should only be used as prescribed by a Physician or other Health Professional for it’s intended use.

The Operating Guide must be followed accurately. The Melmak Device is to be used only with Melmak specified and supplied equipment and not in combination with other devices.

For external use only.

The Melmak Device is to be operated and stored under dry conditions.

For any queries please contact your local Melmak Distributor.

Rechargeable Battery and USB Connection

The Melmak Device Control Unit is powered by a non-replaceable, rechargeable Lithium-Ion (Li-On) battery pack. A medical grade battery charger with inbuilt USB connector is used to charge the internal battery. Country specific adaptor must be used.

The USB mini connector on the top edge of the Melmak Device is used for charging and for connection to a PC for data logging.

All functions of the Melmak Device will be disabled if the device is not charged. The voltage level of the battery pack is constantly monitored by the Control Unit while operating and the voltage level is displayed on the LCD.

When the battery voltage falls below the critical battery level during a treatment session, in addition to flashing, the LCD will also show “Lo bat” signal. When the “Lo bat” signal is present, the current treatment will be completed but further treatments will not be possible until the Melmak Device is recharged.

During the charging process, the LCD will show the letter “P” and the animated battery symbol will be displayed. During the charging process, the Melmak Device cannot be operated.