The Science Behind Game Ready Equine

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Game Ready

The Game Ready® Equine System is an advanced application of the RICE regimen (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation), proven physical therapy and athletic training principles used by human athletes. RICE has been shown to reduce pain, muscle spasms, tissue damage, and swelling, ultimately allowing for quicker and better healing and injury recovery. Until now, ice (cold) and compression have been the most difficult parts of this regimen to administer to a horse, creating a treatment gap.

Setting a new standard in injury recovery

Game Ready Wrap TechnologyGame Ready Equine effectively and efficiently fills the treatment gap with a patented technology that simultaneously delivers dry cold and active compression.

Game Ready Equine was developed with the help of veterinarians and the United States Equestrian Team (USET) using proprietary NASA spacesuit technology and was based on a similar product used by more than 90 pro sports teams, 500 professional athletes, and 160 universities in the US. The result is a breakthrough accelerated recovery system that has set a new standard in cold and compression therapy — one that veterinarians and top riders are raving about.

The Goals

  • Accelerated reduction of swelling
  • Minimised Pain
  • Prevention of greater tissue damage
  • Faster and better healing

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Active Compression

Game Ready Equine Active Compression
Active compression therapy has been recognized as a superior method of eliminating swelling. The active and adjustable compression settings provided by the Game Ready® Equine System mirror the way your horse’s muscles naturally contract and relax to push fluids and cellular debris (edema) into and along the lymphatic drainage system, as well as help drive cold therapy deeper for longer lasting effects. This means the benefits of Game Ready Equine’s cold therapy go far beyond the surface to the internal tissue that is harder to reach.
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Dry Cold Therapy

Game Ready Wrap Technology
Cold therapy is universally used to minimize damage following injury and help equine athletes heal faster during injury rehabilitation.

Cold has a local anesthetic effect that can significantly reduce pain and inhibit reflexive muscle spasms in your horse. Early use of cold therapy can reduce primary bleeding through its vasoconstrictive effects, and thus inhibit swelling.
Game Ready Equine 2 Part WrapAnd perhaps most importantly, reducing tissue temperature can lower the metabolic rate of both the involved and uninjured cells, decreasing their demand for oxygen — helping to break the secondary hypoxic injury cycle and making the body’s repair job easier.

Game Ready® Equine simultaneously delivers both cold and compression therapy. While cold is effective in helping to prevent swelling, active (or “intermittent”) compression performs a different role by helping to remove swelling once it has occurred.
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