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To get the most from your injury or surgery recovery, go with a Game Ready®

For thousands of elite athletes, athletic trainers, team doctors and orthopaedic surgeons, Game Ready® is the number one injury and post-op recovery system. Integrating active cold and compression therapies from head to toe, the non-narcotic Game Ready System has been clinically proven to reduce pain and accelerate natural healing. To maximise recovery, use Game Ready®.

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New Zealands Kinetec CPM and knee brace distributor

CPM Knee

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Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) Therapy.  Experimental investigations in the 1970s provided the scientific basis for CPM treatment using motor-driven exercise equipment. Positive clinical experience, with this exciting therapeutic modality being well received by surgeons, therapists and patients, accelerated its widespread acceptance. Twenty-five years later, advances in technology and the extension of this form of post-surgical rehabilitation therapy to new indications and protocols demonstrate that CPM still plays an integral and significant role in orthopedic recovery. For the patient, it is a valuable and well-tolerated method of rapidly restoring lost joint function, mobility and confidence.
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